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Oak Grove Classic Raises Money for the Treatment Center 9/17/07
$70,000 sends troubled teens to school for help 2/20/05
10 Signs of a Troubled Teen 12/15/07
17 Teens in Louisiana May Return to School after time at Boot Camp 10/3/07
2007 Alternative School Enrollment Up 9/27/07
A felon's odyssey reveals his true self 2/07/05
A summer of self-discovery 1/25/05
A tale of two very different teen days 2/24/05
Academy for Troubled Teens Seeking New Cadets 9/21/07
Adolescent treatment program to expand 7/24/04
Adolescent ward will shut down at Oregon State Hospital 1/27/05
Alabama Gov Proud of New Services for Troubled Youth 1/11/08
America's Promise to Help At-Risk Youth Nationwide 5/8/07
An alternative for troubled teens 5/2/07
Arizona Home for Troubled Teens Investigated 1/16/08
Art Therapy Helping Troubled Teens in New York 1/9/08
Asking teens about suicide doesn't plant idea 4/12/05
At-Risk Youth - Close to the Heart 9/15/07
At-Risk Youth Paint a Brighter Future 9/14/07
At-risk youth take step to improve life skills 5/1/07
Award for Program that Helps to Keep Kids in School 9/20/07
Bill for kids turns into pay raises for law makers 5/15/07
Billy Talent raises $3,000 for Kids Help Phone 2/3/05
Board will review safe schools program 1/12/05
Boarding Schools in Zimbabwe Out of Food 9/18/07
Boot Camp Death Part of National Investigation 10/4/07
Boot camp director convicted of manslaughter in teen's death 1/4/05
Boot Camp to Keep Troubled Teens in School 9/4/07
Boxing program for low-income At-Risk Youth 9/26/07
Boy Scouts Reaching Out to Troubled Teens 10/1/07
Boys ranch planning to rein in troubled teens 5/25/07
Boys' Haven to host crawfish festival 5/2/07
Brat Camp: What Happened Next 7/4/07
Bush Declares War On Rising Youth Gang Violence 4/07/05
California Cities Not to Limit Residential Treatment Centers 12/21/07
California Holds Classes for Parents of Troubled Youth 1/22/08
CALO a Specialized Care Facility 9/16/07
Canada Pulls ADHD Drug 2/9/05
Canadian Wilderness Therapy Program Helps Troubled Teens
Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Programs Launches Parenting Tips Blog 5/28/2010
Center for Troubled Teens to Open in Pennsylvania 1/12/08
Center hopes to increase eating disorder awareness 3/03/05
CEO of Program for Troubled Teens Jailed for Embezzlement 9/21/07
Changing Behavior in Teens 11/02/07
Charges Dropped against Whisper Ridge in Virginia 11/15
Climbing Higher to Help Troubled Teens in Indiana 1/26/08
Complaints of abuse prompt probe 2/17/05
Cooper Plans Center for Troubled Teens 5/7/07
Councilwoman proposes using at-risk teens as BART safety escorts 5/22/07
creative ways to change children's behavior 2/20/05
Dems want probe of wilderness therapy programs on federal lands 10/12/07
Devereux Arizona Employee Arrested for Sex Crimes 11/20/07
Document's Show Nebraska Shooter Was a Troubled Teen 12/27/07
Empty Drill Academy Puts Wicomico $2 Million in the Hole 1/19/05
English Teacher Accused in Flashing 9/19/07
Ex-director of Montana's Swan Valley Youth Academy director seeks to prove innocence 2/3/08
Excelsior Youth Center Helping Troubled Teens Get Cookin' 12/4/07
Family Recovery Home celebrates second year 2/27/05
Far from home, former N.C. prep star shining 2/20/05
Fashion Show Benefits Troubled Teens 9/25/07
Federal Grant to Help Troubled Youth 9/19/07
Ferris' mission is to reclaim young lives 2/23/05
Florida Boot Camp Case Closing Arguments 10/11/07
Florida Boot Camp Case, Victim Handled According to "Procedure" 10/8/07
Florida boot camp staff cleared in teen's death 10/12/07
Florida Boot Camp Trial Begins 10/3/07
Florida Boot Camp Verdict Protested 10/23/07
Florida Boot Camp Verdict: Tensions Run High 10/13/07
Florida Drug Treatment Program Shut Down 2/8/08
Florida Hold Summit on Gangs 12/19/07
Florida Institute Seeks to Help Troubled Teens 2/10/08
Florida Lawmakers Find Mentors for Struggling Teens 1/18/08
Florida Teen Boot Camp Case, Medical Examiner Testifies 10/5/07
Florida to Cut Funding for Teen Boot Camps 9/21/07
Florida Trooper Uses Chess to Help Troubled Teens 12/14/07
Florida Troubled Teen Program 1/19/05
Florida, Boot Camp Guards Testify 10/9/07
Former Gang Leader Earns Masters Degree At U.H. 5/14/07
Former Montana Boot Camp Director Exposed for Abuse in Maryland 12/12/07
Fostering Requires Firm Rules and a Warm Heart 2/19/05
Free Boot Camp for Troubled Teens Accepting New Applicants 9/19/07
Funding Shortages Close California Shelters for Runaway Teens 1/24/08
Georgia Sherriff Aims to Scare Troubled Teens Straight 12/5/07
Germany to Back Boot Camps 1/7/08
Getting to Know Attachment Disorder 12/10/07
Government Report on US Boot Camps 10/10/07
GRIP Program Helps Troubled Teens 9/30/07
Help for troubled teens 7/11/07
Help for troubled teens in Florida 10/11/07
History of Troubled Teen Boot Camps in the US 10/14/07
Horses help troubled teens down new trail 5/15/07
How the Mind of a Teenage Killer Works 12/6/07
Illinois Juvenile Court Needs Help 10/28/07
Illinois Man Uses Custom Car Shop to Help Troubled Teens 11/9/07
Illinois Parents Want WWASP Academy Closed 10/7/07
Illinois Program for Troubled Teens Acquired 10/3/07
Illinois Program for Troubled Youth Loses Funding 1/23/08
Illinois School May be Used as a Residential Treatment Center 11/21/07
Illinois Teen Sentenced to Boot Camp 10/26/07
Improving the college pipeline for at-risk youth
Indiana's Vision of Hope, a Place for Troubled Girls 2/8/08
Information about Boarding Schools in Virginia 1/27/08
Investigations ordered into wilderness therapy Programs 10/11/07
Jamaica Considers Using Boot Camps to Help Troubled Teens 1/12/08
Jefferson Award Winner 4/01/05
Judge Honored for Helping Troubled Teens 1/7/08
Jury selected for boot camp trial in Florida 9/27/07
Jury Selection begins for Guards charged in Teen's Death 9/24/07
Jury Selection continues in boot camp Case 9/25/07
Kids call her 'Mom'; parents call her a blessing 2/20/05
Korea Opens Boot Camp for Troubled Teens Addicted to the Internet 11/21/07
LA Bakery Helps Troubled Teens 10/2/07
Labyrinth helps teens find holiday tranquility 12/26/04
Latino Youth Summit Shows at Risk Youth How to Achieve Success 5/19/07
LBUSD approves school for troubled teens 8/23/07
Leaders Join Forces for New York City's Homeless and At-Risk Youth 5/4/07
Letters seek leniency in teen stabbing case 1/28/05
Life Center Puts Young Adults On Right Path 1/12/05
Louisiana Boot Camp Offers School Alternative 12/25/07
Louisiana Officials Want a Boot Camp to Help Troubled Teens
Man Gives Teen Cocaine & Marijuana 9/23/07
Man's best friend more than just a companion 3/17/05
Marijuana affects Prenatal Development 5/29/07
Maryland Police Try to Keep Troubled Teens from Becoming Statistics 12/7/07
Maryland Troubled Teens Tracked by GPS 1/12/08
Massachusetts Ranch for Troubled Teens Nearing Completion 1/1/08
Mechanic Helps Troubled Teen and Gives Back to former Group Home 9/28/07
Meditation garden helps troubled teens 5/18/07
Missing Teens Prompt Trinitas Hospital Security Review 9/16/07
Missoouri Boot Camp Death Investigated by FBI 11/9/07
Missouri Boys Ranch Seeking Mentors for Troubled Teens
Montana Judge Unseals Swan Valley Report 12/13/07
Montana Opens 1st of 7 Residential Treatment Centers for Meth Addiction 1/16/08
Montana Report Prompts Director to Resign 12/14/07
Montana Wrestler Sentenced to Juvenile Boot Camp 1/11/08
More Grief For Troubled Son 2/6/05
Mother seeks answers to son's death from wilderness youth camp 5/13/07
Mt Carmel Youth Ranch Treated More Than 600 12/1/07
Need For Teenage-English Dictionary 4/01/05
Needs of troubled girls get new attention 1/4/05
Neighborhood against school for troubled teens 5/14/07
Nevada Center for Troubled Teens Seeks New Facility 12/21/07
Nevada Teachers Learn to Spot Troubled Teens 11/8/07
New Boot Camp Gives Troubled Youth a New Perspective 9/18/07
New Florida Troubled Youth Mission 10/30/07
New Hampshire Police Rush to Find Homes for Troubled Teens 9/30/07
New Home for Troubled Teens Opens in New Jersey 12/16/07
New Jersey Residents Seek to Solve Youth Crisis 12/05/07
New Mississippi Boot Camp to Meet with Local Residents 11/9/07
New program to offer challenging, life-changing experiences 12/29/04
New Residential Treatment Center for Addiction 9/26/07
New Residential Treatment Center in Alabama to Help with Anorexia, Bulimia 11/28/07
New York Adults 'Stoked' About Mentoring At-Risk Youth 11/7/07
New York Closes 6 Centers for Troubled Youth 1/12/08
New York Showcases New Program to Help Troubled Youth 10/23/07
New York: Teens Charged in Sex Crime at Residential Treatment Center 10/12/07
New Zealand Troubled Teens Get a Peak at Prison Life
North Carolina Resident Suing Whisper Ridge 12/11/07
North Carolina Residential Program Enlists Santa's Helper 11/23/07
North Dakota Heartview Again Offers Residential Treatment 10/31/07
Novia Scotia plans $2M overhaul of youth services 12/3/07
Ohio Program Reaches out to Troubled Teens 11/19
Ohio Teen Sentenced to Residential Treatment Center 2/8/08
Online Games to Help Troubled Youth 9/17/07
Overall drug use by teenagers declines 12/30/04
Pairing Troubled Youth with Fishermen 9/17/07
Parents of Teen Sue Boot Camp 2/08/05
Pennsylvania Girl Accused of Killing her Father Remains in Residential Treatment 11/14/07
Pennsylvania Home offers Help for Troubled Teens 1/17/08
Pilot program could pave way for youth drug court 2/7/05
Pilot Program in New York to Help Troubled Teens 12/13/07
Power in You Program Motivates Troubled Teens 10/16/07
Problem With Cedar Knolls Rape Case 9/14/07
Program For At-Risk Youth in Danger 5/20/07
Program Helps Florida Troubled Teen 11/22/07
Program seeking mentors to help rehabilitate local youth 1/24/05
Psychologists Aid in Helping Troubled Teens 10/1/07
Pyramid Club in Ohio helps local at-risk youth to achieve success 10/6/07
Raising great kids: 5 concepts parents should keep in mind 2/21/05
Referral agency's connection to boot camp angers parents 1/23/05
Report Finds Many Teens Abused at Boot Camps 10/10/07
Report Says Facilities for Troubled Youth in Baltimore Aren't Clean 9/17/07
Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Teens Denied in Idaho 8/17/07
Retreat for Troubled Teens Planned in Kansas 1/28/08
Sacramento Agency Helps Troubled Teens Through Holidays 1/3/08
Sacramento Creates Two Programs for Troubled Teens 12/31/07
School for Troubled Teens 5/14/07
School for Troubled Teens Denied in Maryland 1/15/08
See how you're communicating with your teen 2/9/05
Seeking Treatment for Teens addicted to Cheese Heroin 9/26/07
Senators join forces in crackdown on teen-help industry 3/2/05
Setting limits for your teens will help them in the long run 2/26/05
Should Troubled Teens Like Mychal Bell Go Free? 9/24/07
Sorenson's Ranch School Adds Certified Special Ed Teacher 2/4/08
South Carolina Opens Hotline for Troubled Teens
STAR Academy in Florida Short on Funds 12/24/07
Struggling mothers finding a way out 12/18/04
Sunny Hills Residential Center Closes Doors in California 5/5/08
Teen angst? Blame their brains. 7/23/07
Teen in Illinois Sent to Boot Camp 12/13/07
Teen Ranch offers new youth program 12/27/04
Teen who killed friend sent to youth detention facility 1/7/05
Teenager Turns Life Around, Earns Scholarship 9/20/07
Teens find out 'What It Takes' at boarding school 3/8/05
Teens Protest City's Funding Cut To Teen Center 2/9/05
Teens Who have Died in Utah Wilderness Therapy Programs 10/10/07
Tennessee Academy for Troubled Youth Loses State Funding 12/20/07
Test Predicts Psychosis in Troubled Teens 1/7/08
Tests Can Help Curb Suicide In Teens 1/25/05
Texas Guard Shortage Forces TYC to Move Boot Camp inmates 11/9/07
Texas Steroids Testing Approved by Lawmakers 5/29/07
The directed heart 3/12/05
The other face of meth 2/11/05
The Trail Troubled Teens Follow When They Don't get the Help They Need 11/18/07
Thrift sale to benefit treatment center 2/08/05
Tough California Grandma Helps Troubled Teens 11/29/07
Tracy vows to fund at-risk youth program 5/24/07
Treatment Center in Indiana Expands 12/27/07
Troopers to host 'Win a Friend' camp for at-risk youth 4/02/05
Troubled Teen Boot Camps: Proceed with Caution 10/12/07
Troubled teen turning life around 12/22/04
Troubled Teens and Canine Assisted Therapy 10/13/07
Troubled Teens Graduate from Challenge Academy 12/15/07
Troubled Teens Roaming Streets With Weapons 1/9/08
Troubled teens turn to ... quilting 5/3/07
Two Illinois Residential Treatment Programs to Close 11/2/07
TX, Lone Star Expeditions 1st to Integrate Ropes Course for Troubled Teens 1/14/08
UK Boarding Schools Stifled by Red Tape 9/20/07
UK to Expand Number of Boarding Schools 10/2/07
Utah Teens Who Escaped from Boarding School Apprehended 10/9/07
Utah Troubled Teen Program Gives Back 11/23/07
Utah's Passages to Recovery: Eight yrs Old 1/8/07
Vermont Facility Changes Policy for Restraining Troubled Teens 10/22/07
Violent boy needs more than 'quick fix' 1/13/05
Virginia Boot Camp Brings Hope to Troubled Teens 10/8/07
Wardle Academy in Wyoming Loses Funding 12/25/07
Washington Program get $2 Million to Help Troubled Teens 11/11/07
Week Long Evaluation of Academy of Eastern Arizona 10/21/07
What to do about Teen Boot Camps 10/17/07
Wilderness Program for Video Game Addiction 9/17/07
Winner's Circle Merges to Serve At-Risk Youth 9/21/07
Wisconsin Based Challenge Academy Helps Troubled Teens 11/27/07
Wisconsin Committee Plans to Help Troubled Teens 10/22/08
Working with Horses helps Troubled Youth 10/3/07
WWII Marine recognized for outstanding volunteer service 2/08/05
Youth is sentenced in killing of counselor 5/2/07
"Cradle to the Grave" What it Really Means to Get Shot 8/15/07
'Price of Privilege' Too High for Teens 10/26/07

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