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Turnabout - Stillwater Academy

Residential Treatment Center

Quick Facts:
Location: Utah
Gender(s) Treated:Co-ed
Ages: 12-20
Cost: $4,850/mo.
Est. Total Cost: $51,000.00
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Overview of Turnabout - Stillwater Academy

Through compassion, self-discovery, structure and guidance Turnabout/Stillwater Academy helps families learn to help themselves. The program's mission is to guide students and their families to the true principles of happiness.

Turnabout/Stillwater Academy provides the support and structure needed for students and families to turn from a destructive path to a path of healing and life-long health.

Typically, Turnabout/Stillwater Academy serves male and female students 12 to 20 years of age. Students and their families are generally experiencing interpersonal conflict manifested by the student in self-defeating behaviors such as: dishonesty, acting out, promiscuity, school truancy and failure, alcohol or drug use, and running away. These behaviors could be motivated by unresolved issues such as low self-esteem, adoption, depression, family problems, stress from a traumatic experience, executive functioning problems, or other emotional or psychological problems.

The program recognizes the importance of parental stewardship, parental love, and the need for parents to concurrently work on their issues while the students do their own work. The program utilizes a unique host-home system to provide housing for students. This group of caring and committed host parents gives our students a family setting to return to each night and provides an additional dimension of support, encouragement, and love for each student.

After a complete psychological evaluation a treatment plan is developed for each student. This treatment plan may include individual therapy, group therapy, substance abuse treatment, equine assisted therapy, psycho-educational groups, etc. In house psychiatric services are available for each student.

Turnabout/Stillwater Academy is also an accredited special purpose school. Each student has an educational component to his/her program.

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