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Cinnamon Hills
Residential Treatment Center
Co-ed Ages: 12-18 Utah $9,000/mo
Falcon Ridge Ranch
Residential Treatment Center
Girls Ages: 12-17 Utah $7,800/mo.
Integrity House
Residential Treatment Center
Girls Ages: 12-17 Utah $5,300/mo.
Rancho Valmora
Residential Treatment Center
Co-ed Ages: 12-17 New Mexico $180/day
Red Rock Canyon School
Residential Treatment Center
Co-ed Ages: 12-17 Utah $7,000/mo.
Rite of Passage
Residential Treatment Center
Co-ed Ages: 10-20 Nevada $130/day
Three Springs
Residential Treatment Center
Boys, Girls Ages: 10-17 Alabama $125-140/day
Turnabout - Stillwater Academy
Residential Treatment Center
Co-ed Ages: 12-20 Utah $4,850/mo.
Tyler Ranch
Residential Treatment Center
Boys Ages: 6-18 Washington $2,500/mo.

What are the Qualities of a Good Residential Treatment Center?

Are you considering residential treatment centers for your troubled teen? Have you wondered how you will know when you find the right residential treatment center for your teen? If so, you are not alone, many parents stress over the decision of placing their teen in a residential treatment center. Not only is it an expensive decision, but one that will hopefully be more than worth the cost in the benefit provided to your teenager. So what are some of the things you should be looking for as you research residential treatment centers? Below are some pointers that may help along your way.

Evaluating the Safety of Residential Treatment Centers

Nearly all states require that residential treatment centers be licensed. Check with your states division of licensing to make sure that the residential treatment center you are looking into is operating under a current license. The division licensing may also be able to tell you if there have been licensing violations in the past, and if so how severe they were, and what was done to correct the violation. Due to the fact that residential treatment centers are in the business of helping troubled teens, who in many cases do not want the treatment they’re receiving, one can understand how sometimes accidents happen. What you would like to avoid, are patterns of accidents happening. The safety of your teen is paramount, most residential treatment centers will work to make safety a number one priority.

Getting to know Residential Treatment Centers

Take some time to know the residential treatment centers you are considering for your teen. You will be spending a lot of money, time, and effort over the coming months with the residential treatment center you select. It will be worth your time to talk with the staff and the counselors. Many residential treatment centers employ college students as youth counselors, for them this is their job – chances are, that the pay is not that wonderful, most of them do it for the love of the experience. In talking with them ask them if they like what they do, their attitude towards their job will have an affect on your teen’s treatment. Look around the facility, is it clean and organized? Or is it Chaotic? If residential treatment centers can’t stay organized themselves, can they create an organized plan to help you and your teen? You may not be allowed to talk with the kids within residential treatment centers, but ask to talk with parents that either are or have been part of the program. Talk to them about both their views of pros and the cons of the residential treatment center. Lastly, after you’ve really done your homework, sit down for a minute and weigh your options. In the end you will benefit most by selecting the residential treatment center that you feel best about and that you can be the most committed to.

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