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Cinnamon Hills

Residential Treatment Center

Quick Facts:
Location: Utah
Gender(s) Treated:Co-ed
Ages: 12-18
Cost: $9,000/mo
Est. Total Cost: $90,000.00
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Overview of Cinnamon Hills

Cinnamon Hills is a residential treatment program for troubled teens ages 12 to 18 who exhibit behavioral issues, addiction issues, mental health issues, dual diagnosis, or are falling short of their potential.

At Cinnamon Hills, teens learn through a very structured program to take responsibility for their actions and gain a positive vision of their future. An individual treatment plan is developed for each teen and helps him or her advance through a level system based on choice and accountability.

The program's fully accredited school features small classes in which studies can be personalized, teacher-student bonds can be formed, and students can excel. Teens over 15 years of age have the opportunity to apply for a job and work in a supervised setting.

For healthcare and medication needs, a psychiatrist and pediatrician are available.

Families participate in weekly family therapy, and students are allowed one phone call home per week. These interactions are designed to help families and teens develop the healthy relationships necessary for a smooth transition home.The Cinnamon Hills' staff also coordinates aftercare assistance to further ensure teens have the support they need upon returning home.

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