July, 20 2018

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Alabama Gov Proud of New Services for Troubled Youth

Make no mistake about it. Governor Bob Riley is extremely proud of what employees at the Morgan County System of Services have accomplished in working with troubled kids.

"What they have done is build a community-based program using all the resources of the community to take better care of that child," said Governor Riley on Friday. "At the same time, it helps us with our state budget."

Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb says the Morgan County office can serve as a blueprint for other programs in the state.

"We're going to have a greater workforce because of being able to replicate programs like the S.O.S. program here in Morgan County," says Cobb.

The governor wants to make sure all troubled youth in the state have a chance to succeed.

"What we're trying to do now is come up with a piece of legislation that will allow us to expand what they've done locally," said Gov. Riley. "They built a great program here. It's making a difference in hundreds of children's lives."

Cobb adds, "I believe we are on the precipice of the most important juvenile justice reform effort I've seen since I became a judge November 5, 1981."

"If you take a child for truancy or something that's non-violent, you end up putting them into the Department of Youth Services where they lock them down, sometimes we exacerbate the problem," Cobb added. "That's the last thing we need to do."

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