August, 16 2018

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Week Long Evaluation of Academy of Eastern Arizona

Parent Solutions A boarding school placement agency, recently went through a week long evaluation on an Arizona boarding school, The Academy of Eastern Arizona. As part of the routine evaluation, Parent Solutions spent a substantial amount of time on site to observe and research exactly what goes on with the day to day operations of this residential treatment center.

"As a parent, it is overwhelming how many residential treatment centers there are out there for troubled teens. Because of this you have to be really careful where you place your child as some placement agencies and schools will take advantage of the situation," said Dan Dekker of Parent Solutions. "We did a weeklong visit and sat in on group therapy, classroom activity, recreation activities and Family Therapy. We were more than impressed with what we came across."

During the weeklong visit, he witnessed many teens' stories of how the program has more than changed their lives.

Parent Solutions is working on bringing more integrity to the troubled teen industry by researching programs and working to make sure that boarding schools they refer to are qualified to treat teens struggling with substance abuse and emotional issues.

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