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The eProgramSearch directory was developed as an independent resource to help make the search for help for troubled teens simpler and smarter. Programs in the eProgramsearch directory are organized for parents to quickly find cost, location, treatment details, and contact information about each of the many different programs / schools for troubled teens available.

Resources for Parents of Troubled Teens

In addition to the treatment program directory, provides other valuable resources(Scholarships, financial aid, free research accounts,information about educational consultants, library, and family support!) for parents who have already enrolled their teenager in a program for at risk youth or for those working to better parent troubled teens. Be sure to visit often as we are always adding new content and resources to help parents.

Programs for Troubled Teens : Search Tips

Many parents just like you who are searching for a program to help their troubled teen have wondered, "How do I find a program for my troubled teen anyway?" If you’ve asked yourself this same question, you are not alone. When searching for help, parents often find themselves taking a crash course in Adolescent Treatment Programs 101. The following tips are here to make your journey quicker and more efficient. Learn More...


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