August, 18 2018

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Canadian Wilderness Therapy Program Helps Troubled Teens

Every year, hundreds of families from around the world are turning to a wilderness therapy program based out of Sayward to help struggling teenagers. CanAdventure Education offers intense programs that take kids out of the classroom, and into the great outdoors of Vancouver Island.

Through expeditions like backpacking and kayaking, they’re taught to set goals, believe in themselves, and then take their new skills back to their daily lives.

The wilderness program was founded by husband and wife Greg and Corinna Stevenson – both experienced teachers and former high-level athletes. Greg competed as an Olympic rower for Canada in 1992 and 1996.

The CanAdventure programs run from 32 days to several months in length, and come at a price - the starting rate for the 32 day ‘Journey’ program is about $9000. Many participants have been suspended or expelled from school. Others are sent by their parents with a choice: attend CanAdventure or be kicked out of the house.

The camp focuses on building up teen’s confidence and doing it in a respect-filled environment. The camp’s staff set them up for small successes, and the move onto bigger and bigger challenges. The hope is that if they spend enough time in the CanAdventure environment feeling proud and self-confident, they’re going to establish that as a habit when they return home.

For more on Canadventure Education check out their website at

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