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Help For Troubled Teens

Where Can I find Help for Troubled Teens?

Many parents searching for help for troubled teens often ask questions like, “I know I need help, but where should I look?” The first logical places to start looking are near you in your community. Use resources you have readily available to you such as school counselors and religious leaders. They may be able to offer some initial help and guidance. Professional counseling may be a benefit to you and to your teen as well.

After you’ve exhausted these resources and you know you still have a problem you still have many options open to you. Many troubled teens are resistant to getting help, as they don’t believe that they have a problem. Residential type treatment options such as boarding schools, residential treatment centers, boot camps, wilderness programs, and group homes are designed to provide help for troubled teens who don’t think that they need help.

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How can Residential Treatment Help Troubled Teens?

When searching for help for troubled teens, you’re certain to come across many different types of residential treatment options. You may be asking yourself “How do residential treatment centers help troubled teens?” or “Why would it be better to get help for my troubled teen in a residential treatment center than in regular counseling?”

Residential treatment programs have been designed to help troubled teens that would rather be out doing drugs or hanging out with their friends. One of the limitations of outpatient counseling is that at most it occurs only several times per week and involves only the teen and a counselor. If the teenager is sure that he doesn’t want help and has become an experienced manipulator he/she may be able to breeze through counseling and continue his/her inappropriate behaviors.

In a residential setting therapy happens all day, in all activities. Troubled teens are held accountable for their actions by the other teens in the program as well as the staff. Teens that have grown to be great manipulators generally have a difficult time manipulating other teens who are pros in manipulation themselves. Help for troubled teens in a residential setting also gets teens into a new environment, knowing that they cannot leave gives them an incentive to figure out what it is that got them there. Once they begin to recognize their own poor behaviors, they can begin unlearning them and replacing them with new behavior in a supportive environment.

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Many parents just like you who are searching for a program to help their troubled teen have wondered, "How do I find the right help for troubled teens anyway?"Learn More...

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