July, 20 2018

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Brat Camp: What Happened Next

In a few weeks, the ABC airs series two of this popular tough-love series from Britain. Meanwhile, here's a follow-up to series one. It revisits the show's four miserable misfits a year after they completed the gruelling course at RedCliff Ascent wilderness camp in Utah. Have the former reprobates remained little angels or did all the hard work go down the drain once they returned to face old temptations?

Remarkably, all four remain transformed by the experience. Not surprisingly, the posh, telegenic James Fonfe seems most comfortable in his new skin, his teen heart-throb status more than compensating for the odd urine test. By contrast, frumpy uber brat Fran Bradley faced a hostile reaction on her return but her philosophical reaction merely confirms how far she's come.


It is interesting to see some of the press that has come about in the troubled teen industry lately. There have definitely been an array of types of news, from teens dieing at residential treatment programs to teens killing counselors, to things like this where we find out the good stories of teens that came out okay. By and large, the majority of teens that graduate from wilderness programs, boarding schools, and other programs for troubled teens do great. Unfortunately these kids get very little press as the news is not very sensational. We tend only to hear about the sensational side of news stories, while the hundreds of youth that successfully graduate from programs each year go relatively unnoticed.

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