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Academy, The
Therapeutic Boarding School
Co-ed Ages: 12-18 Oregon $4,900/mo.
Diamond Ranch Academy
Therapeutic Boarding School
Co-ed Ages: 12-17 Utah $5,100/mo.
Sorensons Ranch School
Therapeutic Boarding School
Co-ed Ages: 13-17 Utah $5,500/mo.

Why Should I Consider Boarding Schools for My Teen?

Boarding Schools for troubled teens are a great option for parents to turn to when they have exhausted other avenues such as therapists, school counselors, and religious leaders, yet their teen is still in trouble. Boarding schools can address your child’s behavior and help them catch up and improve their school work, restoring hope to your child’s academic and professional future.

What are Boarding Schools for troubled teens, and who can they help?

Boarding schools are usually a long-term placement with placement period of 12-18 months. Boarding schools offer therapy to troubled teens along with an added emphasis on education. The therapy component offered in boarding schools gives teens an opportunity to recognize and work through behaviors, attitudes and addictions that have been developed in the past.

Troubled teens are usually placed in boarding schools with problems such as failing in school, mild drug abuse, defiant behavior, running away, depression, manipulation, low self-esteem, and general rebellion to name a few. Some schools may choose to specialize in one category or another. Most schools will not accept troubled teens with a history of violence.

Different Types of Boarding Schools Available

There are a variety of different types of boarding schools available to help troubled teens.

  • Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens: also known as Therapeutic Boarding Schools, or Residential Treatment Centers - add a therapy component to help teens with behavior problems.
  • Christian Boarding Schools: Add an emphasis to education, with a religious component added to both either therapy and/or education.
  • Junior Boarding Schools: Designed for younger teens usually pre-eighth grade students.
  • Specialty Boarding Schools: also known as Behavior Modification Schools - Designed to help teens who are having emotional and behavioral problems and having a difficult time in a traditional school setting, but do not necessarily require therapy. These schools are typically long term and have a major emphasis on character building for troubled teens. Specialty boarding schools are usually year-round schools.
  • Military Boarding Schools: Add a military type structure and discipline, and are generally a great placement for students preparing for college.

How much do Boarding Schools Cost?

The cost of treatment can vary greatly from one school to another. Most schools range in cost from $2,500 to more than $8,000/month. Due to accreditation and educational nature of boarding schools, educational loans such as Sallie Mae loans, Key Bank loans, and PrepGate loans are available.

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