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Alldredge Wilderness Journey
Wilderness Program
Co-ed Ages: 13-17 West Virginia $300-395/day
Catherine Freer
Wilderness Program
Co-ed Ages: 12-17 Oregon $445/day
RedCliff Ascent
Wilderness Program
Co-ed Ages: 13-17 Utah $440/day

Treatment within Wilderness Programs

Treatment within wilderness Programs is designed to help teens have a positive growing experience through overcoming natural challenges and adversity that is designed to help you teen recognize his/her own inappropriate behaviors and then work towards correcting them. Wilderness programs are not designed to simply make things really hard for teens so that they’ll learn. The wilderness gives teens an opportunity to be removed from their current environment and to be challenged and championed, giving them an unprecedented opportunity to succeed.

Some of the therapeutic activities students participate in a wilderness program include: group therapy, individual therapy, counseling, experiential therapy, natural consequences, structured activities, and outdoor education. These activities not only help kids overcome their own challenges, they also help teens learn to work better with others. Teens learn that their contributions to a group can be important and valuable.

How Wilderness Programs Help Troubled Teens

Wilderness programs help teens in an environment where they are removed from everything that is familiar to them. This removal helps teens to stop their self-defeating behaviors and gives them the opportunity to give their lives a fresh start. As they begin to work together with other teens developing skills and experiencing nature they learn to trust and let down barriers. Throughout the wilderness experience teens work together to learn and grow, to get out hidden baggage and face the consequences. Teens learn to convert anger into assertion, and share their feelings with those they trust. Wilderness programs can be a great way to help troubled teens with mild behavioral problems. Wilderness programs can also provide an excellent boost to teens with severe behavioral problems prior to enrollment in some type of residential treatment center.

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