August, 16 2018

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Nevada Teachers Learn to Spot Troubled Teens

Some Clark County teachers are being taught a valuable lesson on how to recognize troubled students before the trouble reaches the classroom.

About a dozen teachers took part in a workshop Wednesday, taught by school police. There they are learned that the signs aren't always easy to spot.

School to Help Teachers Prevent Trouble

In this classroom, its the teachers who are asking the questions, and school police are here in hopes of providing a valuable lesson. The subject? helping troubled teens before they turn to violence.

"The thing of it is, there's so many kids, so many schools - you never know where the problem is going to be," said Detective Calvin Walker.

Why Teachers Need to Know how to spot Troubled Youth

Walker says the problem is that kids are smart, and they're finding ways to start trouble without teachers even knowing it. Teachers are finding that gang members want to mark their turf, and they want to do it in a place where they know it will be seen, a place like a classroom.

"Because that's where they meet, that's where they are, that's going to be their extension of home and their extension of the community, so it makes sense it would happen in school," said Vickie Kilbury, Phi Delta Kappa International.

Subtle Signs of a Gang Member

Walker uses gang members to show just how that's happening. An area code, for example, shows where their gang is from - it's scribbled on the sides of their notebooks, on backpacks, even sunglasses. To teachers who don't know, these gang symbols may look like just a bunch of numbers.

"These kids can be saved - they're not stupid. They are educated; you just have to divert their efforts to another directions," said Walker.

There are more than three hundred known gangs in Clark County and more than 8,000 gang members. Metro says the most violent gang members these days are young teens.

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