July, 20 2018

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Nevada Center for Troubled Teens Seeks New Facility

The Bridge Center is looking at several properties, including one on Valle Verde Drive in Spanish Springs, to house a residential treatment facility for adolescents with substance abuse issues.

Nicole Mara, director of operations for the Bridge Center, said the center is working with the county to ensure the property is suitable for a special-use permit before they move forward.

"It's one of a few properties we're looking at," she said. "We have a lot of contingencies we're working out."

About the Bridge Center

The Bridge Center is an adolescent residential treatment center that provides a variety of services for children 6 to 18.

Last month, the center withdrew a previous request for a similar facility on Hercules Drive that would have treated as many as 18 troubled teens at a time in a 3,010 square-foot residence after community members protested the application.

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