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Boot Camps

How can Boot Camps Help my Teen?

If you have just begun looking for help for your troubled teen, you may be wondering if boot camps are the right solution for the problems you are having. While boot camps are not right for all teens they are most successful in treating teens with the following poor behavior patterns: disobedience, defiance, entitlement, impulsiveness, underachievement, manipulation, drinking, sexual behaviors, disrespect, violence, anger, or theft.

How do Boot Camps Work?

Boot camps are set up to use structure and discipline to help teens learn the value of respect, honesty, and obedience. Most participants within a Boot camp are called cadets rather than students and are led by a drill sergeant who holds them accountable for mistakes and is responsible for disciplining poor behavior. Like military boot camps, treatment within a boot camp for troubled teens involves a lot of outdoor physical activity. The strenuous work and outdoor physical activity may help boost your teens self-esteem, adjust his/her attitude.

How are Boot Camps Different from Military Boarding Schools?

Boot camps are generally a short term intervention whereas military boarding schools are a longer term placement with more emphasis placed on scholarship. One other main difference is that many military schools are not therapeutic in nature; they are established to provide structure for good students who are motivated to learn and prepare for college. Military boarding schools set up more like residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools are available now in different parts of the country Intake counselors will be more than happy to explain to you which category they fall into.

Are Boot Camps the Right Solution for my Teen?

If your teen has developed a pattern of any of the behaviors mentioned above, there is a good chance that boot camps may be a good alternative for your teen. It is important to note however that in many cases there are other issues in your teens life, such as a teen dealing with his/her parents divorce, which may be the root of your teens behavior. Due to the fact that most boot camps are not therapeutic in nature, you will most likely want to follow up treatment in a boot camp with some form of residential treatment or counseling.

What are Some Alternatives to Boot Camps?

If you are not sure if boot camps are the right solution for your teenager, consider some of your alternatives. A similar alternative to boot camps that includes a more therapeutic component is a therapeutic wilderness program. Other great alternatives to boot camps include residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools.

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