July, 20 2018

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Family Recovery Home celebrates second year

The Family Recovery Home's Quantum Lachoer Center for Change TREATMENT PROGRAM is observing its two-year anniversary this month at its at 126 West Broadway location.

The original Family Recovery Support Program opened in 1998 on the 1000 Block of Main Street to assist families with addiction problems.

"We help families provide a safe, drug-free environment. We also provide furniture to HELP them set up homes that are affordable to them, and we provide support to families as they work to recover from addictions," said Diana Roy, PROGRAM director.

It also links clients in networking with other human services PROGRAMS, and it involves having participants continuing meetings to control their addictions.

"Our goal is that eventually they fire us and move on with their lives," Roy said.

To qualify, participants need to be chemically dependent and need to have children.

Strict rules apply in the first PROGRAM that require there be no drinking, clients follow rules, participants continue their meetings, keep a clean home, seek gainful employment and everything else they can do to provide a healthy environment for children.

It also accesses them to honing work skills, interviewing for jobs and even obtaining a G.E.D. Participants are monitored with home checks at different hours of the day.

"We want to end the cycle of addiction for families," Roy said.

However, grant money dried up for the first PROGRAM, and Roy said she became aware that clients might need more of a recovery PROGRAM to help them overcome addictions and unhealthy behavior.

On Feb. 12, 2003, Roy opened the Quantum Lachoer Center for Change on Broadway. "Lachoer is a Chippewa word for 'heart helping,'" Roy explained. "Quantum is energy."

This service is geared for the recovery adults whether they have children or not.

Services offered in the second PROGRAM include an eight-bed residential facility, addiction education, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, anger management training, mood management training, job skills training, cognitive therapy that teaches participants about the consequences of the choices they make, follow-up services and on-site tutoring for teenagers.

Roy said she hopes the clients that use the services of the Family Recovery Program come away with important life skills that will help them overcome addictions and move on.

"Our goals are to meet the community's needs in providing a treatment center in the area," she said.

Staff includes two licensed counselors, one medical director, a family services coordinator and other trained personnel. Security keeps clients from leaving or others from entering in the RESIDENTIAL portion. Clients in the RESIDENTIAL recovery PROGRAM are under observation 24-hours a day, seven days a week, she said.

Presenters come to visit the treatment center regularly to help clients. Speakers have consisted of North Dakota Highway Patrol officers, Community Action, North Dakota Job Service, a regional victim advocacy representative, spiritual counseling that is non-denominational.

"I hope we HELP them in their journey of healing, that they accept their addictions, and that they stay clean and sober," Roy said.

Roy attributes the family atmosphere of the center for making it a success. Comfortable bedding was donated from a major outlet store, rooms are painted with lively murals and scenes, plush couches that were donated provide comfort for clients from a tough week of facing their demons. Those accepted into the PROGRAM must be stable and non-violent before they are allowed to participate.

The second recovery PROGRAM supports the first, she explained.

For more information, call 774-9625 or the web at

[email protected]

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