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Academy, The

Therapeutic Boarding School

Quick Facts:
Location: Oregon
Gender(s) Treated:Co-ed
Ages: 12-18
Cost: $4,900/mo.
Est. Total Cost: $73,500.00
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Overview of Academy, The

The Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens ages 12 to 18 who are struggling in their home, school or community. Common characteristics of students who enter the Academy may include low scholastic performance despite high potential, anger and defiance toward parents and other authority figures, a loss of interest in beneficial activities, moderate drug abuse, and decreased self-esteem.

The backdrop of the program is choice and accountability. Within this framework, teens strive to overcome life-changing events that have happened in the past, seek to find out who they really are, and act on this knowledge.

The Academy offers a fully accredited college prep school through Stanford University to help teens who have struggled in school to succeed. Periodic training meetings and visits to the campus help parents grow and prepares parents for the return home of their teen.

The Academy also features an optional leadership training camp in Fiji as well as a 90-day program for teens who don't require a longer-term program.

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