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Treatment for Troubled Youth

What are some Treatment options for Troubled Youth?

Treatment options for troubled youth include outpatient counseling, recreational therapy, animal therapy, wilderness therapy, and therapeutic residential treatment.

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Treatment for Troubled Youth Options: Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient counseling usually consists of weekly or by weekly meetings with a qualified counselor who preferably specializes in treatment for troubled youth. Counselors will try to help explore with youth the issues that underlay the behaviors that the troubled youth are exhibiting.

Some of the benefits of outpatient counseling are that it is relatively inexpensive, can usually be taken care of with minimal travel, may be covered by insurance, and can be most successful with in treating troubled youth who recognize their problems already and would like to do something about them.

Outpatient counseling may not be the right choice for teens who do not wish to go to counseling and refuse to recognize their problems/issues. Teens who really donít want to be in counseling may be able to bluff their way through treatment for an hour or two a week and avoid tackling really taking care of their issues.

Treatment for Troubled Youth Options: Recreational/Animal Therapies

Recreational and animal therapy are growing in popularity in many communities across the country. These types of therapy seek to provide treatment for troubled youth by helping troubled youth identify and resolve their issues through working with animals or through different types of recreation. Local counseling centers may know whether or not these types of therapy are available in your area.

Some of the benefits of using recreational or animal therapy in treatment for troubled youth include relative low cost. Troubled youth may be more interested in these types of treatment than outpatient counseling. These therapies may be a good option for a early intervention with troubled youth.

Like with outpatient counseling recreational and animal therapies may not be the right choice for teens that are very resistant to the idea of getting help.

Treatment for Troubled Youth Options: Wilderness Therapy

Treatment for troubled youth through wilderness therapy programs is designed to help teens recognize their poor behavior and take steps towards correcting any underlying issues that may have been contributing to their behavior through an intense, rugged, outdoor experience.

Some of the benefits of wilderness therapy programs include the ability to help even those teens who do not think they need assistance. They are usually the best fit for teens whose issues might be considered mild to moderate. They may also be used very effectively when followed up by placement in a residential treatment program.

Treatment for troubled youth within wilderness therapy programs is generally more expensive than through the options previously discussed, but may lead to greater overall health and longer term results.

Treatment for Troubled Youth Options: Residential Treatment

Residential treatment for troubled youth may include treatment at a residential treatment center, as military style boot camp or a therapeutic boarding school. Treatment for troubled youth within a residential setting is designed to help teens discover within themselves the desire to change and overcome poor behavior and then follow through to help develop new healthy habits that they can use upon returning home.

Some of the benefits of residential treatment include that teens who do not currently have the desire to get help may be treated successfully. The long term nature of residential treatment programs offers ample time for teens to develop new habits and to set positive goals for themselves. Most teens also find it difficult to bluff their way through residential treatment, when teens their own age will hold them accountable for their actions.

Residential treatment for troubled youth is never an inexpensive option, but for many youth who have spent years developing patterns of poor behavior, it may be an effective way to learn new more healthy patterns of behavior.

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