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Three Springs

Residential Treatment Center

Quick Facts:
Location: Alabama
Gender(s) Treated:Boys, Girls
Ages: 10-17
Cost: $125-140/day
Est. Total Cost: $64,000.00
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Overview of Three Springs

Three Springs is a collection of residential treatment programs for troubled teenage boys ages 10 to 17 and troubled teenage girls ages 11 to 17 who struggle with depression, substance abuse, defiance, ADD/ADHD, or self-injurious behavior.

Three Springs offers programs for girls in Virginia and Alabama, and programs for boys in Virginia, Alabama, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina for a total 22 different programs in all.

There are three types of programs offered: transitional living programs, outdoor therapeutic programs, and secure residential programs. All of the programs tailor a treatment approach to the needs of the individual teen. The program experience as well as a positive peer culture environment provide immediate feedback for teens and help teens to revise their self-image, establish new behavior patterns, acquire new life/social skills, and improve relationships.

Education is another important aspect of the Three Springs programs. Many teens who come to Three Springs have suffered academically in the past. The fully accredited schools at each campus offer certified teachers, well-rounded curriculum, athletics, and college preparation. Three Springs realizes that poor performance in school may be a sign of underlying problems and seeks to use education as part of each students overall treatment plan.

Families can participate in the program through an assigned family service worker, who provides support and opportunities for involvement including family support weekends and eventually visits home for the teen.

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