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Is the $60,000 plus price tag of most residential treatment programs out-of-reach? There is finally a less expensive alternative that works, and can be custom fit to your needs!

Our Professional Intervention Service includes a full in home intervention from a intervention specialist, anytime phone access to your specialist (Imagine, therapists available to help anytime day or night your teen is driving you crazy), a minimum of three months of follow up care, weekly intervention coaching sessions with you/your teen, our state-of-the-art intervention support network, and more ... all at a fraction of the cost of residential treatment.

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What Do Parent's Have to Say about Their Experience?

The staff are incredibly professional, discreet and prepared. I cannot think of one conversation where we did not come out with solid, pragmatic and effective ideas for how to better manage our relationship with our teens. This program is not theoretical, it is all about action and process and it works. Our facilitator Bryan is a great teacher, coach and therapist rolled into one. He is incredibly organized and remembers everything. He is equally unafraid to confront a parent or a teen and let them know what he thinks.

Jeff, New York

The one-to-one interaction with Tim and corresponding teaching materials helped us hone in on the very factors that influenced negative behavior and thinking in our household. Tim even recognized ways we could improve sibling dynamics and helped us see how to apply the same principles our son was benefitting from to the specific issues of the brother and sister. Tim’s level of caring and professionalism gave us great hope and an arsenal of knowledge andtactics that we are confident will keep us moving down the road to success, not just for our son, but our entire family.

Chris, Wisconsin

Bryan, our transition specialist took us from being scared, nervous and feeling inadequate to being confident, determined and excited to take on this challenge. And our son has done wonderfully. He is now 180 days sober, has gone back to his previous school, and is again interested in the things that he once loved. He is on the varsity bowling team, made the honor roll and has been accepted into college!

Jim & Michelle, New Jersey

With all seriousness, I now realize how wise Kelly is for her years as the words of advice she shared with us last spring were reiterated by us to Amy many times….and will continue to be! Her advice and comforting guidance played a key role in how we dealt with our daughter and we are (at least so far) a success story that Kelly deserves to take much credit for, so PLEASE use us as a reference any time!!

Dianne & Jim, Massachusetts

During each phone call Michelle was engaged and in touch with what was going on with our daughter and easily tuned into what we were sharing and experiencing. I'm not a big fan of phone calls...I've always wanted to be face to face when talking with friends because I get to see the body language.....but I've come to appreciate how effective they can be. She was able to sense the words and apprehension and draw it out or work through it as necessary. Our trust in the relationship was able to grow through those calls.

Helen, Ohio

The systematic approach you provide offers crucial structure and support for both child and family. Much of what helps kids succeed in boarding school can be implemented at home, with your help. If our son does eventually need to go into Residential Treatment when he is older, there is no possible scenario where we wouldn’t use you as aftercare support.

Denise, California

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