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Catherine Freer

Wilderness Therapy Program

Quick Facts:
Location: Oregon
Gender(s) Treated:Co-ed
Ages: 12-17
Cost: $445/day
Est. Total Cost: $23,000.00
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Overview of Catherine Freer

Catherine Freer wilderness programs are for troubled teens ages 13 to 18 who are angry, rebellious, defiant, failing in school, abusing alcohol or drugs, struggling with attachment disorder, or recovering from abuse.

Teens spend their 21 or 51-day experience with the same two counselors and a master's level therapist. The program is intensely therapeutic; offering daily individual and group therapy.

Therapy is designed to accomplish a long-term change in a short amount of time. Through the experience, teens gain a greater understanding of anger/depression management, the Twelve Step process, communication skills, conflict resolution, and family dynamics.

Families are asked to participate in a multi-family meeting at the beginning and end of the trek to discuss problems, goals, and solutions. Families are also enrolled in the Family IQ program, an on-line parenting resource.

Wilderness weekends are available once a month for teens to reunite with staff and discuss ongoing issues.

Transition homes are also available upon completion of the program and prior to returning home.

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