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Educational Consultants

Educational consultants are committed to helping parents select the right treatment option and the right program for their teen, leading to success, recovery, and fulfillment. Educational consultants have seen many different families go through the same process you may now be experiencing and are genuinely concerned about your teen's welfare and will strive to meet their unique needs. Treatment programs for struggling teens are expensive, both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately parents sometimes make wrong choices out of desperation and end up changing programs and schools after they have enrolled their child in a program later deemed inappropriate. Some schools and programs offer financial assistance in the form of loans and grants. By assessing your child’s specific needs and discussing your resources, educational consultants may be able to help you explore options that make the most sense for your situation.

Why Work with Educational Consultants?

Many educational consultants are qualified to work across a broad spectrum of placements, utilizing data and knowledge to determine a range of selections that will help meet the needs of your teen. Exploring with you the most appropriate options for your son or daughter: Wilderness, Therapeutic Boarding, Emotional Growth, specialized program, large program, small program, Positive Peer Culture, DBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Modification… The options are seemingly endless. Even among the same program types treatment and approaches vary widely. Most educational consultants have experience with a broad range of treatments and programs and will help you in assessing the best fit for your teen.

Using the Experience of Educational Consultants

It is as important to surround your child with appropriate peers through treatment as it is to find the right program. From the multitude of options available, educational consultants will help guide you toward the most appropriate schools and programs to address your teen's unique needs. Their experience with different programs and types of treatment will help you make an informed decision when selecting the right alternative for your teen. Educational consultants understand that each teen has unique needs and will work to save you time money and frustration through professional and thoughtful guidance.

Enrollment Assistance

Assisting you through the admissions process: Schools and programs have different processes for admission, i.e., some require willingness on the part of the student and some don’t . . . some have waiting lists, others accept students immediately. Educational consultants act as a liaison between you and the admissions counselor in order to simplify enrollment.

Continued Assistance

After placement your educational consultant will generally follow your child’s progress and provide continued support throughout treatment, through contact with you as well as key staff members who work directly with your teen.

Good to note:

  • Educational consultants can act as a liason between you and the program of your choice to help uncomplicate the enrollment process.
  • Some educational consultants will continue to offer support through the duration of your teen's treatment.
  • Many educational consultants may be nationally affiliated with great organizations such as IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association).

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