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Support Groups as Troubled Teen Resources

By Kathleen Pham
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Troubled Teen Resource through the School System
The SCHOOL system your child is enrolled in can be a great TROUBLED TEEN resource. TEENAGERS should know that there are plenty of people they can turn to in their SCHOOL. Guidance counselors are trained professionals that can provide information and advice to a TEEN and keep their conversations confidential. The confidentiality may allow a TEEN to be more open and honest about their problems.

There are also peer counseling groups and peer hot-lines where a TROUBLED TEEN can turn to. These PROGRAMS are supervised and set up by the SCHOOL and guidance counselor. It is often easier for a TEEN to talk to people who are on their level and who know about the pressures of TEEN life. Some of the TEENS involved in peer counseling groups have at one time been a TROUBLED TEEN and can share their experience with others.

Support groups for TROUBLED TEENS provide a safe and positive environment for open communication. The first course of action in helping a TROUBLED YOUTH is to know what their issues are and what is driving their change in behavior. support groups work at the pace of individual TEEN. There is no pressure to participate in the discussion. TEENS who are hesitant to discuss their problems can sit an listen.

By listening to other TEENS with problems, TROUBLED TEENS will begin to realize that they are not alone in feeling out of place and unsure. It is very important for a TEEN to be able to discuss their problems. No one can HELP a TROUBLED TEEN unless they let you know what they are feeling and that they can sincerely trust you.

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